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Self Publishing Your Travel Book Online Course Coming Soon

So, it seems that a really special milestone passed us by and we didn’t even realise it!

When we announced our excitement over on our facebook page, we were sent quite a few messages from people wondering how they would be able to do the same and publish their travel thoughts or travel stories and get their words out into the world.

self publishing travel story books

So, we’ve got something really exciting planned to share with our awesome community.

We’re going to be running a course to help those who are interested in how to self publish a travel book, learn to do the same as we have. Our biggest problem with getting our books and ideas out to the world is time! I’m sure you all feel the same. Teaching others how to share their story and also how to create a location independent income is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, but something I keep putting off.

Self Publishing Your Travel Book Online Course Coming SOON!

I’ve been working in online marketing for so long that I tend to forget that not everyone is comfortable with online technology, or has exposure or experience in using online platforms. I guess, I take for granted how easy it seems to me to be able to create an e-book and launch it onto our website, or amazon for example.

So, rather than just take for granted my knowledge and experience, it’s time I helped others by offering a course that creates a rock-solid foundation for learning to self-publish:

  • STEP-BY-STEP introduction to not only planning and writing your travel book,
  • Understanding the technology needed to write and publish your book (you can get started free!)
  • Understanding the different publishing platforms available
  • An introduction into the business of self publishing
  • How to publish a print copy of your book via Amazon and an Australian publisher that isn’t a scam!
  • Basic marketing 101 for ensuring your book reaches an audience

That’s just the start! Seeing as this is the first time we’re running the course, for the lucky people who get involved right from the start I’m going to be:

  • Along side you offering PERSONAL SUPPORT to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to get your book self-published.
  • I’ll PERSONALLY answer any tech questions, writing questions or help with other challenges.
  • I’ll add modules and information to the course as requested or needed so you can be sure you’re comfortable with the entire process.

Don’t Miss Out on the ONLY chance to have one-on-one coaching through the self publishing process: Sign up below to register your interest:


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Loreena Walsh

Loreena is Founder of Little Aussie Travellers, Australia's leading blog dedicated to family travel around the country. An avid explorer, writer, photographer, nature lover, she's dedicated to inspiring through travel and stories.

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