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Fraser Island Shipwreck, Maheno
QLD Destinations & Activities

10 Things to do on Fraser Island

It is unbelievable to me that what was supposed to be a 2 week stop last June, has turned into an almost year long halt to our travels as we’ve spent time with Matt’s Nan. I wouldn’t change that time we’ve had to spend with her for the world, but …

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Visiting Crescent Head: Mid North Coast NSW

Sometimes, you need to leave a place to realise just how special it is; and it’s not that I didn’t always love Crescent Head, but when you live in an area like the Mid North Coast of NSW, you tend to take it for granted. So, while we’ve been home …

Aboriginal History Tasmania
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Tasmania’s Indigenous History May Shock You.

I’ve written many times about how we fell in love with Tasmania, but perhaps one thing I haven’t spoken enough about, is the Indigenous history of Australia’s island state. There’s a reason for that; during our 3 months in Tasmania, although we learned a lot of history, I’m sad to say …

Indigenous CultureNSW Destinations & Activities

Macleay River Festival. Making Peace with Kempsey.

You’ll rarely hear me call Kempsey home. I wasn’t born there, but I did live there through my teenage years, and I met Matt there (during our highschool years), but for little fault of it’s own, Kempsey has never really felt like a positive place for me. It was where …

Indigenous CultureNSW Destinations & Activities

Sea Acres Aboriginal Art & Craft Afternoon

The best kinds of days are those you think are going to be good, and instead they end up being great. Today was one of those days. We were treated to an afternoon of Aboriginal culture, music, art, craft and great conversation with some wonderful, amazing hosts. We took part …

Tasmania waterfalls with kids
TAS Destinations & Activities

Montezuma Falls Bushwalk: Tasmania with Kids.

One of the wonderful things about being on the road, is never quite knowing where you’ll be on your birthday. For me, we ended up being in the West of Tasmania, meaning there was lots of amazing nature just waiting on our doorstep waiting to be discovered. The goal then …

Coffs Harbour, Big Banana
NSW Destinations & Activities

Best Things To Do With Kids In NSW

Our passion for exploring the best things to do in Australia, began in our home state of NSW. The first places we explored together as a family, were all reasonably close to home, and they are still some of our favourite things to do today. We’ve been away for 6 …

spirit of tasmania (640x407)
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Goodbye Tassie. Thank You Spirit of Tasmania.

When I think back to late 2013, we knew we were heading off on our big lap of Australia, but we didn’t really have any idea where that journey would take us, or just where we’d aim for first. So it goes without saying that when we had the chance …

tasmania with kids
TAS Destinations & Activities

AR Reflections Arthur River Cruises, Tasmania

“Drop by before the cruise and I’ll make you a cuppa.” An offer like that isn’t one to be missed, so we were greeted by Kaye at the Arthur River Reflections Cruise office half an hour before our departure. Once we got to chatting, I was so glad we’d taken …

ANZAC service with kids, Tasmania
Australian HistoryTAS Destinations & Activities

Lest We Forget – ANZAC Day In Tasmania

ANZAC Day services make me sad. They bring tears to my eyes and I feel pain for all the families who have suffered heartache at the hands of war. Regardless of my own sadness, we make a point of attending each year, as a family. We feel it’s important for …