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Unexpected Moments Make Better Memories.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the parts of the journey you don’t plan for that have the potential to make the most memorable moments. Our travels through the Northern Territory proved this theory. We had a list of most popular icons we wanted to tick off our list. When …

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Top Five Australian Outback Destinations

There’s plenty of Australian Outback destinations you could tick of your bucket list. The Aussie outback is massive, and features many natural attractions which provide a dramatic backdrop to an unforgettable adventure. Travelling around it is one of the best uses for cars in Australia – here are five must-see destinations for …

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Kakadu with Kids – How to Make the Most of Kakadu as a Family

We’re going to take a look at Kakadu and it’s suitability for a family holiday destination. It’s a place I would encourage everyone to visit once in their lifetime. Seeing rock art that is centuries old gives you a real vision into just how small our part in this world …

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A Journey to the Heartland

The vast, flat desert lands stretching out before us, have become our backyard. The short green desert shrubs offer a stark contrast to rich redness of the soil which stains our clothing, our tent and our feet. This is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. My memories drift …

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Review: Crocosaurus Cove Darwin – Family Attractions

Before jet setting off to have a holiday in Darwin, we did what every great traveller does, and hit Google! We were on the search for great kids activities and family friendly Darwin attractions, and we weren’t disappointed. We didn’t know anyone who’d been to Darwin, let alone lived there, …

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5 Things I Learned in Kakadu

When you set off for a journey of any kind within Australia, especially to one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations, you can’t help but arrive with pre-conceived ideas of what you will see and discover while you are there. For us, Kakadu was no different. We’d heard people refer …

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Quick Introduction to Darwin

In 2008 we took a flight to Darwin with our 3 children to embark on a 3 week touring holiday of Australia. We had absolutely no idea what to expect once we arrived, and it was our first ever time in the Northern Territory. We flew into Darwin from Sydney, …