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Tasmania’s Indigenous History May Shock You.

I’ve written many times about how we fell in love with Tasmania, but perhaps one thing I haven’t spoken enough about, is the Indigenous history of Australia’s island state. There’s a reason for that; during our 3 months in Tasmania, although we learned a lot of history, I’m sad to say …

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Macleay River Festival. Making Peace with Kempsey.

You’ll rarely hear me call Kempsey home. I wasn’t born there, but I did live there through my teenage years, and I met Matt there (during our highschool years), but for little fault of it’s own, Kempsey has never really felt like a positive place for me. It was where …

damper cooking history
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The History of Australian Damper

Cooking damper is something we do every night when we’re able to have a camp fire, and we get really surprised by how many people don’t know how to cook damper, or are worried about getting it wrong. We’ve written about cooking damper here, and you can buy our damper …

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Sea Acres Aboriginal Art & Craft Afternoon

The best kinds of days are those you think are going to be good, and instead they end up being great. Today was one of those days. We were treated to an afternoon of Aboriginal culture, music, art, craft and great conversation with some wonderful, amazing hosts. We took part …

family geocaching
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Geocaching Around Australia With Kids

I know, I know, our posts are terribly sporadic, but as usual, life gets busy and blogging becomes secondary to everything else going on, but you definitely need to know about our latest obsession; geocaching. If you look at the container in Byron’s hands on the right, in the photo …

ANZAC service with kids, Tasmania
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Lest We Forget – ANZAC Day In Tasmania

ANZAC Day services make me sad. They bring tears to my eyes and I feel pain for all the families who have suffered heartache at the hands of war. Regardless of my own sadness, we make a point of attending each year, as a family. We feel it’s important for …

Visiting Gundagai with kids
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Visiting The Dog On The Tuckerbox Statue in Gundagai

When we saw that Gundagai was up ahead, on our travels between Sydney and Melbourne along the Hume Highway, it just wasn’t an option to drive past without a stop in at the “Dog on the Tuckerbox” statue. The statue is at Snake Gully, which is around 8 kilometres (or …

port arthur ghost tour with kids tasmania
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Things to do Tasmania – Port Arthur Ghost Tour with Kids

Would you dare walk the night with the ghosts of convicts? There is great weight that is carried by learning the heavy history of Australia’s settlement. The circumstances and conditions that surrounded many of the early convicts were beyond how I think any of us could imagine living today. The …

cuttlefish shell
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Cuttlefish For Dinner!

Forget the cool morning breeze, when there’s a beach to explore nothing can stop us! During our family holiday to Kangaroo Island we hit the shores of Vivonne Bay to see what we could find, and mother nature let us in on some great finds! Today for Wordless Wednesday I’m …

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Australia’s Shameful Secret & Why Australia Day is Important

Each decade of our lives brings with it new perspective, new insight, new ideals. As each decade passes, and I reflect on the me of years gone by, I realise just how different my perceptions of the world have become. If you’d asked me in the past what Australia Day …