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Self Publishing Your Travel Book Online Course Coming Soon

So, it seems that a really special milestone passed us by and we didn’t even realise it! When we announced our excitement over on our facebook page, we were sent quite a few messages from people wondering how they would be able to do the same and publish their travel …

how much does it cost to travel Australia
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How Much Does it Cost to Travel Australia with Kids?

Financial questions like ‘How much does it cost to travel Australia?” are the most common topic we’re asked about from our community and readers, so we thought it might be useful to give some idea of what it could possibly cost you to do a lap around Oz. Sadly, this question …

travel australia with kids
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Family Tension: Expectations When Travelling Australia With Kids.

We get questions about this all the time. After months, or years of planning for their dream of travelling Australia with kids, the first few weeks of the journey could be described as little more than hellish. Constant fighting, tiredness, kids won’t do schoolwork, adults can’t stand to look at …

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Prep for Self Sufficiency when Travelling Australia

Self sufficiency when travelling Australia is made possible through having the capability to carry plenty of drinking water, having enough fridge space to carry and keep perishables, having enough battery power to recharge devices, run lights and fridges, and generally having enough solar power, or a generator to keep the …

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Visiting Crescent Head: Mid North Coast NSW

Sometimes, you need to leave a place to realise just how special it is; and it’s not that I didn’t always love Crescent Head, but when you live in an area like the Mid North Coast of NSW, you tend to take it for granted. So, while we’ve been home …

Aboriginal History Tasmania
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Tasmania’s Indigenous History May Shock You.

I’ve written many times about how we fell in love with Tasmania, but perhaps one thing I haven’t spoken enough about, is the Indigenous history of Australia’s island state. There’s a reason for that; during our 3 months in Tasmania, although we learned a lot of history, I’m sad to say …

caravan renovation re-wiring
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Caravan Renovation Progress

Well, I just downloaded all the photos we’ve taken of the caravan renovation during our reno adventure. If you’ve been following along on Facebook, then you’ve likely been seeing updates pop up as we go, but simply because of the busy nature of trying to get the renovation done, I …

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Get our Damper Recipe Book Free!

Update! We’re giving our book away for free again, for those who missed out last time! 24th to 26th December, grab your copy of our Kindle version on us! We thought we’d share a bit of Christmas spirit, so we’ve made our best selling Damper recipe ebook free on Kindle, …

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Geocaching Around Australia With Kids

I know, I know, our posts are terribly sporadic, but as usual, life gets busy and blogging becomes secondary to everything else going on, but you definitely need to know about our latest obsession; geocaching. If you look at the container in Byron’s hands on the right, in the photo …

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Sometimes Plans Change: Caravan Renovation Begins

One thing we’ve learned on this journey, is that plans never quite turn out the way you expect them to. Personally,  my plan is definitely not to plan, but of course there’s always  a general guideline for where we’re going and how we’ll get there. When we first planned years …