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The day it finally happened….

Even now, as I write this to you all, it seems surreal. Years of discussion, hard work, hard decisions, uncertainty, guilt and struggles both mentally and financially have taken their toll. I truthfully can’t remember the first moment we decided we were really going to go on the biggest ever …

travel australia welcome 2014 goals
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Hello 2014, Hello Dreams Coming True….

Hello 2014, Can I please tell you, right from the start, how pleased I am to see you! It’s not that 2013 was a particularly bad year, however, it didn’t really go to plan. A year not going to plan isn’t unusual of course, I’m sure it’s true for most …

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Once Step Closer – What Dreams Look Like.

The last time I spoke to you personally about what has been happening on our journey to travel Australia with kids, I shared the difficult reality that our plan to have no plan certainly hadn’t gone to plan! We’re still waiting for test results to come back for Matt, although …

is technology ruining your holiday
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Travel vs technology are your family holidays affected?

It’s confession time. I’ve been known to joke that I check I have my phone on me before I check where my kids are, and I’m ashamed to say, it’s not an over-exaggeration. Luckily my kids are old enough to know not to wander far, but the fact they’ve seen …

Car modifications for travelling australia
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Car Modifcations for Travelling Australia – Rear Drawer System Install

The planning stage for a trip around Australia requires a whole lot of decisions to be made. We’ve written before about how to choose the best car to travel Australia and we wrote this basic guide to planning a big lap of Australia for those who weren’t sure where to …

How to live a happy life quote
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The Secret to Happiness Now

Walking away from a life that provides a fair amount of security and familiarity so you can travel Australia seems crazy to so many people that we meet. Heck, it seems crazy to us, and we’re the ones who have done it! But, what is really crazy is waiting around …

exploring family travel australia
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Dreams of Family Travel: Breaking Up With Our Old Selves

A little while ago I wrote a guest post for Cassie over at The Flying Drunken Monkey about how I was feeling with the de-cluttering, selling and major changes that were facing us with our decision to embrace family travel full time around Australia. I’m reposting the blog post over …

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Family Friendly Live Music – Taking Kids to Festivals.

I’m not quite sure when I realised my parenting choices were starkly different to most of the other parents I knew. A memorable one, that perhaps shows deeply our philosophies on family travel is where we had three weeks and $10,000 to spend on a holiday, and we were given …

packing to travel australia
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Selling Our Lives: Everything Must Go!

Tonight, the simple amount of $50.60 cents has changed our lives and sent us to a point of no return. A simple ad that reads something like this: MOVING SALE:  furn, tools,toys, camping,reptile, etc, 26&27Jan 8am         Just like that with a few strokes of the keypad, and an …

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Bush Fire Safety For Campers

If you’re heading out camping with the family, then knowing about bush fire Safety for campers is vitally important especially in high fire danger periods.