how much does it cost to travel Australia
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How Much Does it Cost to Travel Australia with Kids?

Financial questions like ‘How much does it cost to travel Australia?” are the most common topic we’re asked about from our community and readers, so we thought it might be useful to give some idea of what it could possibly cost you to do a lap around Oz. Sadly, this question …

when and where fruit picking jobs australia
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Yearly Fruit Picking & Harvest Guide for Australian Travel

One of the biggest considerations for families wanting to travel Australia long term is the ability to find and maintain work while on their road trip of a lifetime. Fruit picking and harvesting work is a common income stream for travellers, so it helps to have a yearly guide to …

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Prep for Self Sufficiency when Travelling Australia

Self sufficiency when travelling Australia is made possible through having the capability to carry plenty of drinking water, having enough fridge space to carry and keep perishables, having enough battery power to recharge devices, run lights and fridges, and generally having enough solar power, or a generator to keep the …

caravan renovation re-wiring
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Caravan Renovation Progress

Well, I just downloaded all the photos we’ve taken of the caravan renovation during our reno adventure. If you’ve been following along on Facebook, then you’ve likely been seeing updates pop up as we go, but simply because of the busy nature of trying to get the renovation done, I …

caravan or camper travel australia
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Caravan, Camper Trailer or Tent to Travel Australia?

What should you live in while you’re travelling Australia as a family? We’ve travelled at different times in a tent, camper and caravan, and so we’ll give our thoughts on all of them. What will be best for your family? The answer to this question is one that’s almost impossible …

renovation classic caravan viscount
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Sometimes Plans Change: Caravan Renovation Begins

One thing we’ve learned on this journey, is that plans never quite turn out the way you expect them to. Personally,  my plan is definitely not to plan, but of course there’s always  a general guideline for where we’re going and how we’ll get there. When we first planned years …

travelling australia in a caravan with kids
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Welcome 2GB Listeners Start Here.

A huge hello to those who have found us via my “Blog of the Week” talk with Andrew on 2GB Radio. We’re really happy to have you here checking out the blog, and we can’t wait to talk with Andrew again in a few months to update him and talk …

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You Are So Lucky – An Insight Into Travelling Long Term.

It was just a regular phone call to our insurance company. “Hi, I’d like to update my payment details for our insurance please.” A “no worries” and tap, tap of the keyboard, followed by more questions and a few more minutes of tapping, and our records were updated. “I notice …

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Once Step Closer – What Dreams Look Like.

The last time I spoke to you personally about what has been happening on our journey to travel Australia with kids, I shared the difficult reality that our plan to have no plan certainly hadn’t gone to plan! We’re still waiting for test results to come back for Matt, although …

packing to travel australia
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Selling Our Lives: Everything Must Go!

Tonight, the simple amount of $50.60 cents has changed our lives and sent us to a point of no return. A simple ad that reads something like this: MOVING SALE:  furn, tools,toys, camping,reptile, etc, 26&27Jan 8am         Just like that with a few strokes of the keypad, and an …