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I started my online journey 15 years ago writing articles for a pittance!..  I knew nothing about websites or marketing or SEO when I started, but what started as a curiosity while being a stay at home mum has led me to a wonderful career with entirely location independent income.

I’d love to help you bypass all the mistakes I made by gifting you a NO-NONSENSE guide that covers:

  • What types of online work are readily available
  • What skills translate to working online
  • How to get those skills if you don’t already have them
  • Where to find these REAL jobs that pay REAL money!!
  • An overview of why you should start your own blog/page/platform
  • Tips for getting jobs on online freelancing platforms

Having a freedom independent income isn’t just about travel, it’s about being able to spend time with your family, work when it suits you and live a more balanced life, and I’d LOVE to share with you what I know!

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