Hi, we’re the Little Aussie Travellers…. We’re really glad you’ve found our site and hope you enjoy your time here!

Have you ever wished you could set off on an open ended trip around Australia? Have you ever wanted to explore this large backyard of ours maybe just for a few weeks? Have you ever wondered what it really takes to travel with kids, or the best spots to see on a restricted timeframe and budget? Then hop on in and join us, we’ll help you.

We are a family just like yours. We ran a small business, struggled with staff and hours, wishing we were out there exploring instead of being locked inside four walls, so we threw caution to the wind, sold everything and set off on an open ended trip to explore Australia.

Our family of 5 loves nothing more than exploring the beautiful country in which we live. The aim of our site is to share our adventures with our readers, as well as sharing information, tips, hints, advice, recipes, gear guides and whatever other resources we’re able to build up over time.

Here’s a little about us individually:

Mum/Wife/Head Honcho (So she likes to think) 🙂
Loreena (Or Ree because nobody ever remembers Loreena) 😛

Hi!! I’m the head honcho around here (or I like to think so anyway)!
Wife to Matt & Mum to Jackson, Amahli & Byron.
I’m who you will find writing, editing, sharing and developing Little Aussie Travellers, and posting to our L.A.T Facebook page and L.A.T. Twitter accounts.
I’ve been aMarketing Consultant since 2008, I have a passion for writing, so also write freelance and I’m a bit of a photographer too, although these days I can be found photographing our travels rather than clients.
I’m also the Headmaster of our very own Homeschool so as you can see I wear a lot of hats, love to keep busy and love making the most of every moment 🙂


Matt… the “other” Head Honcho 🙂

Hi!! Matt here!
Husband to Loreena and Dad to Jackson, Amahli & Byron.
Hope you really enjoy our site and be sure to ask us if there’s anything you want to see or read about
I’m a hairdresser who’s been known to bullride when the desire strikes. I have a passion for the land, and agriculture, so I’m now embarking on something different and who knows where that will take me. If I’m not at work I like to be out in the great outdoors.
Seeing as Loreena is the photographer in the family, you’ll probably come across me in plenty of the photos and videos she does!

Jackson – Head Wildlife Educator!

Not joking at all, Jackson is the wildlife educator of the family. His favourite past time is watching animal documentaries, reading about animals and telling us facts about them we’d never know otherwise. He’s a quiet thinker who loves to talk and doesn’t mind playing a game or 2 on his DSi from time to time.



Amahli – Head Adventurer

There’s nothing Amahli won’t attempt…. almost. This gorgeous girl doesn’t stop and why would we want her to! She’s such a free spirit, with a determination I’ve seen in very few people ever, and a heart of gold that nurtures everyone but won’t take no for an answer!




Byron – Hanging by Mum’s side.

Yep, that’s where you’ll find Byron, always hanging with mum. He’s not too much of a socialite but he doesn’t let his small size allow him to miss out or be left behind. This kid has charisma and is absolutely cheeky, strong willed, yet doesn’t like to be too far away from mum. This perhaps could be a side effect of being the baby of the family  🙂