Eco Family holidays are growing in popularity, yet it’s easy to turn any family adventure into one that is gentle to the environment. You don’t need to rely on expensive eco resorts to share a green holiday experience with your children. We take a look at how you can turn your next family road trip into one that’s green and environmentally friendly.

1. Reduce Packaging:

One of the most environmentally damaging aspects of a holiday is the trash that quickly adds up when purchasing take away food and drink. A really easy way to reduce your environmental footprint while on holidays is to avoid constantly eating take away foods with excess packaging (some of which is non biodegradable). Constantly purchasing drinks is also expensive and creates a lot of waste plastic bottles. Carry stainless steel refillable water bottles for a much  more environmentally and economically sound option.

2. Avoid Food Wastage:

The other consideration when eating out all the time is the fact that children often get excited by the menu options, and then distracted by the fact they are eating out, meaning they can easily over order and then not eat what has been purchased. This not only leads to food wastage, but also becomes an expensive part of your holiday.

eco friendly family

3. Drive Greener:

While not everyone can drive around in a low emissions electric car, you can do things to reduce your car’s eco footprint when on holidays. Be sure to have a full service done prior to leaving, this will ensure that your car is running correctly. Check tyre pressure, this simple step can help you lower fuel usage, less fuel used equals less cost to the environment. Drive to the conditions, driving fast and erratically is going to make your car struggle much more, driving at a safe, suitable speed puts less stress on your car, again using less fuel, this is especially true when towing.

4. Minimise Washing:

When on holidays, it’s easy to get caught up with having to throw loads into the washing machine and then straight into the dryer, as time is short. If you’re on a beach holiday or spending a lot of time in the water, be sure that swimmers and towels are hung and dried, this will make them last longer.  Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather outside, and if camping especially, it’s ok if clothes get a bit dirty and worn a bit longer than they might otherwise be in a home environment.

5. Be Kind to Wildlife:

When travelling within Australia, chances are you’ll come across wildlife in one way or another. It’s important that any families on vacation in Australia understand the considerations that need to be made for co-existing with animals in nature. Consider limiting your driving time to daytime driving where possible. When travelling at dusk or dawn as well as night time, there is a greater chance of hitting and injuring wildlife in your vehicle, as well as doing damage to your vehicle. Another thing to note is that native wildlife should not be fed by visitors. Not only does this encourage them to become accustomed to humans and cause problems for themselves and people, human food can also cause illness and death in some animals.

Most of all, just use common sense. Limit your rubbish output, try to minimise waste, drive safely, be mindful of wildlife, do not pollute or litter, and keep our country looking amazing for all family holiday makers for years to come.

Do you have any eco friendly family holiday hints?