With finances getting tighter and tighter for families, it can sometimes be difficult to budget in the family holiday of your dreams. This doesn’t mean it’s time to start skipping the all important bonding time that family travel provides, it simply means getting creative to find ways to save money on your next family getaway.

1. Look For Travel Sales:

If you plan your family holiday in advance, it’s much more likely you’ll be able to keep your eye out for travel sales. Everything from flights to accommodation can generally be purchased at a fraction of the cost by purchasing during sale times before you leave. If advertised sales don’t mention options for families or children, don’t let that stop you from contacting to company to see what deal they can do.

2. Stay Simple:

While indulging in luxury is nice, and heck we all deserve to every once in a while, it’s important to remember, that as parents our children rely on us to provide a range of life experience to develop their love of life. Leave behind the flashy resorts, fancy restaurants and ultra expensive theme parks, and head out for a different type of experience. Keep a look out for smaller wildlife parks and zoo’s, planetarium/observatory nights, free kids festivals (these are in all states at different times of the year), free movie nights (often during summer in most states), hit the beach, take a bushwalk, ride pushbikes, or even better, go on a family volunteering trip.

3. Use Travel Coupons to Save Money:

While countries like the United States seem to thrive on coupon and group buying deals, the phenomenon is relatively new in Australia. Being new hasn’t stopped the industry offering great deals to savvy consumers around the country. There are many coupon sites to choose from, but sites like Groupon offer travel coupons that give families an opportunity to source great holiday deals that can not only save them money, but allow them to experience something they may not have otherwise considered.

4. Stay Local:

With so much to discover in Australia, many people tend to overlook the amazing opportunities to holiday within their own region. Very few people can say they’ve experienced all the great things to do within an hour or two drive from their home base, so if this sounds like your family, it’s time to holiday from home. Great family experiences don’t depend on leaving to far away destinations, you can have just as great time heading for an overnight stay within a two hour radius. Don’t believe us? I urge you to find something fun to do within your local area and giving it a go, you might just be surprised.