Tonight, the simple amount of $50.60 cents has changed our lives and sent us to a point of no return.

A simple ad that readsΒ somethingΒ like this:


furn, tools,toys, camping,reptile, etc, 26&27Jan 8am





Just like that with a few strokes of the keypad, and an online payment and our lives are on sale!

I guess the most common question we get about selling up our lives to travel is “What will you do with all your stuff”?

Our answer is generally just a simple “We’re selling it all”. We’ve answered that question what feels like hundreds of times in the past year, and the answer seems so clear cut and simple.

There’s not much emotion behind it, and perhaps there’s even a relief in knowing that we’ll be rid of all the things that seem to weigh us down, and free to explore this amazing country and embrace our children as they grow so fast before our eyes. Other people seem so much more concerned with us selling everything than we are ourselves.

But now, it feels real.

Now, there’s no going back. On the 26th January, people are going to be knocking at our door, rummaging through our belongings and walking away with a part of our lives that we’ll never see again.

There’s something about this experience that’s leaving me feeling very vulnerable, but excited all at the same time.

Of course we’ll be keeping photographs and highly sentimental things that are impossible to replace, Β and my brother is storing those in plastic boxes in his garage. The rest, it will go.

If it doesn’t fit into our caravan or car for the trip, we just can’t keep it. It’s that simple.

I have to acknowledge that this will be somewhat difficult on us, and on the kids, as I’ve written before but I just know the result, and the life we’ll be living for the next couple of years is going to outweigh the vulnerability we’re all facing right now, I just know it!

We’ve already moved a load of things to my brother’s house. Mostly things he wanted, along with our boat and boat trailer, but this week, I’ll be sorting everything we own into boxes and piles of saleable items ready to say goodbye to this coming weekend!

Our first load of moving things

Moving a load of our stuff