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Self Publishing Your Travel Book Online Course Coming Soon

So, it seems that a really special milestone passed us by and we didn’t even realise it! When we announced our excitement over on our facebook page, we were sent quite a few messages from people wondering how they would be able to do the same and publish their travel …

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How to Find Jobs When Travelling Australia

So you want to set off on your dream trip around Australia, but to do that you know you’re going to need to work your way around? Don’t stress; you’re not alone and it’s not as scary to find jobs when travelling Australia as you might think it is. The …

Preparing 4wd for road trips
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4WD Preparation Tips for Family Road Trips

You know we’re a huge fan of encouraging everyone to get out and about on the open road; or off-road with the kids and the 4WD; it’s the best way to create memories, spend quality time together, reconnect family ties and explore nature. While taking road trips is fun; it’s …

travel australia with kids
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Family Tension: Expectations When Travelling Australia With Kids.

We get questions about this all the time. After months, or years of planning for their dream of travelling Australia with kids, the first few weeks of the journey could be described as little more than hellish. Constant fighting, tiredness, kids won’t do schoolwork, adults can’t stand to look at …

best age for travelling australia
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What’s the Best Age for Kids To Travel Australia?

One thing we get asked a whole lot is what is the best age for kids to travel Australia on a family road trip? Our answer to anyone is: Go the very second you can! But, of course, life’s not always as simple as that, is it? Having your children …

best travel gifts for kids
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The Best Travel Gifts For Kids

There is so much excitement for kids who are heading off to travel;  and often friends and family want to buy farewell gifts for kids or their parents to send them off. What many people don’t realise though, is that space is really limited for travelling families, and weight is …

when and where fruit picking jobs australia
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Yearly Fruit Picking & Harvest Guide for Australian Travel

One of the biggest considerations for families wanting to travel Australia long term is the ability to find and maintain work while on their road trip of a lifetime. Fruit picking and harvesting work is a common income stream for travellers, so it helps to have a yearly guide to …

travel without leaving home.
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Travel at Home: Discovering Local Attractions with Kids

There’s that old saying you don’t know what you have until you lose it, and it seems I’ve discovered that really is true, I’d never really thought of travel at home as something I’d be crazy about! When we left the Mid North Coast, it was with a hint of …

take better travel photos

How to Take Better Family Travel Photos

The photos you capture during your family holidays will spark years of conversations and memories and be the catalyst for hours spent reminiscing in the future, so it makes sense to take the best photos you can while you have the chance to capture your experiences forever. We carry a …

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Get our Damper Recipe Book Free!

Update! We’re giving our book away for free again, for those who missed out last time! 24th to 26th December, grab your copy of our Kindle version on us! We thought we’d share a bit of Christmas spirit, so we’ve made our best selling Damper recipe ebook free on Kindle, …