How to Find Jobs When Travelling Australia

How to Find Jobs When Travelling Australia

So you want to set off on your dream trip around Australia, but to do that you know you’re going to need to work your way around?

Don’t stress; you’re not alone and it’s not as scary to find jobs when travelling Australia as you might think it is.

The Easiest Ways to Find Jobs When Travelling Australia

While there’s no single guaranteed way to find work on your trip around Australia, there are a few ways to make finding a job as easy as possible and keep the money rolling in during your travels.

Word of mouth:

Don’t be afraid to talk to people and ask about work. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia one of the most proven ways to find a job as you travel is through word of mouth. This works especially well in remote areas or high tourist areas where staffing is made up mostly of itinerant workers.  Jobs are not always advertised, so by asking about available work you put yourself in the best position to track down some income.

Chat to shop keepers, the local service station attendant, the bar tender at the pub, locals you meet in the street or at attractions, other campers who might be staying where you are; you don’t have to be on an official job search to find work; in fact casual conversations will surprisingly lead to work opportunities more than you may expect.

Local Facebook Pages:

If you’re on Facebook, it pays to search for local groups for the area you’ll be visiting and join any groups that are work related or similar. Often agricultural positions will be mentioned on Facebook groups or Facebook pages; this can include work such as picking and packing fruit and vegetables, station work, harvest driving, working as a nanny or housekeeper; the options for work are varied and many.

Other than local Facebook pages, there are several major Facebook groups such as ‘Ringers from the Top End’ that cater specifically for agricultural jobs in Northern and remote Australia.

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Local Newspaper Classifieds:

While the majority of job searching may be done online, in regional and rural regions the local newspaper employment classifieds will be vital for job hunting. Most newspapers will have online classifieds that accompany their printed versions, but this isn’t always the case and buying the paper will not only support the local economy but there may be extra jobs tucked away inside that aren’t shown online.

Advertise Your Own Skills Online:

This is a hugely underestimated way to find jobs while you travel Australia. One of the most effective ways to find work is to advertise your skills on websites such as Gumtree. Not only do employers advertise their own available employment positions, they also source employees who advertise themselves as available on the site.

List any skills and experience that you  have, as well as the kind of work you are looking for, along with what would make you a great employee and where you are willing to travel to. The great thing about Gumtree is that you’re able to easily advertise your skills anywhere in Australia for free, and you can target the region you’d like to travel to next so you can be one step ahead and have work before or not long after you arrive.




Yearly Fruit Picking & Harvest Guide for Australian Travel

Yearly Fruit Picking & Harvest Guide for Australian Travel

One of the biggest considerations for families wanting to travel Australia long term is the ability to find and maintain work while on their road trip of a lifetime. Fruit picking and harvesting work is a common income stream for travellers, so it helps to have a yearly guide to where and when this work is available.

Working your way around Australia extends the amount of time you’re able to travel, and gives most families more of a chance to hit the road in the first place. It removes the need to have massive amounts of money saved, and creates a travel itinerary based around slow travel, where time and experience, immersion within communities and a lifestyle change, rather than a fast-paced holiday.

We get a lot of questions asking when to travel to which Australian regions to access jobs such as fruit picking, harvest work, and farm work that tends to be quite seasonal.

guide to fruit picking australiaAs part of our best-selling ebook “How to fund your trip around Australia“, we included a handy calendar based fruit picking and harvest table which shows a break down of regions offering harvest, fruit picking and farm work around Australia, as well as the times of year they are likely to be looking for workers.

Because those people who have purchased the e-book via the Amazon Kindle, or similar platform may have problems with the formatting of the tables on their device, we’ve included them on site here as a handy .pdf file so that everyone can grab it and print off as a resource to use during their travels.

Click below to download your file, and check out our ebook for more great info on funding your travels.

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