It is unbelievable to me that what was supposed to be a 2 week stop last June, has turned into an almost year long halt to our travels as we’ve spent time with Matt’s Nan. I wouldn’t change that time we’ve had to spend with her for the world, but I really have to admit we are keen to get back out exploring and travelling. I have itchy feet! So, we’ve been living vicariously through TV travel and 4wding shows, and recently watched a Pat Callinan episode on Fraser Island, and all I have to say is wow! Friends who have gone to Fraser on a tour with Sunset Safaris had a great time and had already tempted us with all their tales of adventure, but watching the landscapes unfold last weekend on T.V., well let’s just say that Fraser is now at the top of our list for first places to visit when we hit the road again.

We’ve been researching great things to do, and are sharing some of our ideas here with you. We’d love to know if you have any other hot tips.

Top Tips for Fraser Island

Fraser Island, located on the Queensland coast near Hervey Bay, is the world’s largest sand island and is World Heritage Listed. It’s a natural paradise spanning some 166,000 hectares with over 100 fresh water lakes and a beach highway stretching 120 kilometres. You can visit Fraser Island independently and explore as the master of your own adventure. For those taking their own vehicle, there are daily barge services from River Heads and Inskip Point. There is camping available but National Park permits will be required, as will 4wd permits for driving through many areas. For those wanting to explore with a local’s view, then you can look into a collection of Fraser Island tours like we mentioned above that our friends have done in the past. While you’re there, make sure you tick off as many of these things as you can, because it’s a truly unique Aussie destination.

Indian Head

Drive along almost the entire stretch of 75 Mile Beach to Indian Head, the coastal headland on the eastern side of Fraser Island. Marvel at the giant headland from below or get your walking shoes on and climb the track to the top for panoramic views and the perfect vantage point for spotting whales and dolphins around the point.

Fraser Island Indian Head Views

Lake Wabby

If you’re not afraid of a little exercise, visiting Lake Wabby will get your heart pumping. Lake Wabby is slowly being filled in by the sand dunes that surround it, so you should make it the top of your list.

Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie is pure paradise with soft white sand and crystal clear water. You can park close to the lake and walk down the track for a swim and then back up to the picnic area for a bite to eat.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is refreshingly cold, even on a hot summer’s day. Follow the crowd and walk up the boardwalk before floating back down the creek with the current. It is quite shallow, so just relax and enjoy the tranquility.

The Champagne Rockpools

Located at the very top of 75 Mile Beach, you have to drive up and around Indian Head to access the Champagne Rockpools. Splash around in the salt water pools, but watch the sea as it crashes over the rock ledge.

Kingfisher Bay

Take the inland 4WD tracks from 75 Mile Beach to Kingfisher Bay and relax in the guest section of the luxurious resort. Walk along the jetty with an ice-cream in hand and dip your toes in the water after a long lunch.

The Maheno Shipwreck

What was once a washed up shipwreck is now a rusted landmark as you drive from one end of 75 Mile Beach to the next. Pull over, have a look around, and learn about the ship’s history and how it came to be stranded on Fraser Island shores.

Fraser Island Shipwreck, Maheno

Lake Birrabeen

Much like Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen is a crystal clear lake surrounded by soft white sand and a lush green rainforest inland from the main beach. Lake Birrabeen is popular among tourists for its calm and cool water.

The Coloured Sands

The many colours of sand you’ll spot on Fraser Island is breathtaking as you drive from Hook Point right up to Indian Head. There’s mustard yellow, sandy brown, burning orange and bold red, burgundy, brown, camel and white.

Central Station

On your journey across island on the inland tracks, you’re likely to come across Central Station. It is the perfect place to stop for a snack amongst the lush greenery and loud wildlife before continuing on to your next destination.

Scenic Fraser Island

Are you now inspired more than ever by the amazing landscape and things to do on Fraser Island? Spend a week in a holiday home or camping on the beach as you explore hidden parts of the island as well as Fraser’s most loved locations. You can get lots of other information from the official Fraser Island tourism website, and I bet you’ll be as keen to get there as we are. We can’t wait to explore later this year and uncover what we find and share it with you!

If you’ve been to Fraser, please let us know how much you loved it!