The buzz of the election is slowly quietening itself to an almost inaudible lull, and one victim left in the wake of the fury is the very city that serves as home to the politicians who invoke such chaos.


I’ll be first to admit that when I thought of great holiday destinations I didn’t automatically consider Canberra, for Families. It sat awkwardly, boasting its position as the Nation’s Capital, but never really enticing me to visit. Sure, I thought about taking my kids to show them parliament house one day, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a reason to visit. I’d been once, for a few hours and had no intention on rushing back, but I was wrong.

That’s right, I’ll admit, that after experiencing some of what is on offer in our Nation’s Capital, that I was totally, utterly wrong. Canberra is an amazing holiday destination for families.

With only a couple of days to adventure around the city, a variety of experiences quickly had us realising we’d been missing out by not visiting earlier, and that we’d be returning to experience everything we couldn’t fit into our itinerary this time around.

Canberra is a city that offers families fun, history and relaxation all rolled into one, so if you haven’t considered visiting before, here’s a few things you can do while you’re there, it’s only the tip of what’s on the agenda in the region.

Australian War Memorial

war memorial canberra with kids

Be sure to immerse yourself deep into our country’s history at the Australian War Memorial and Museum. Walking up the stairs to the war memorial, row upon row of names demand an upward glance as they tower overhead on plaques lining the walls of the upper levels. Red fabric poppies sit, tucked neatly in between as a sign of respect to the thousands of loved ones who lost their lives in the fight for freedom of those here at home.

Continue on through the museum and prepare to be swept into yesteryear with a range of interactive displays, historical archives and hands on activities for the kids.

National Portrait Gallery

Portrait Gallery Canberra with kids

The National Portrait Gallery was not my first choice for an outing with kids. I’m a fan of introducing my children to arts and culture, but I wasn’t sure what they’d take away from the experience of this gallery. WOW! I don’t know exactly how to describe the brilliance of the collection on display here.

We were delighted to see portraits of one of our favourite musicians Gurrumul, along with Princess Mary and other Aussie icons. The kids got to try their hand at a range of activities including creating their own self portrait which resulted in some interesting artworks.


questacon with kids

The National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon is a play haven for children young and old. Hours can be whittled away, lost in a whirlwind of science and learning that is cleverly disguised within fun activities. This playground of family goodness is definitely worthy of an entire day to make the most of the experience.

Australian Institute of Sport

Australian Institute of Sport With Kids

The kids were overjoyed to meet real athletes and try their hand at basketball. The interactive centre allowed them to kick soccer goals, test how far they could jump, or how fast they could throw, try their hand at the rowing machines and a whole range of other fun. If you’ve ever wondered how and where our athletes find their success, you’ll find your answers here.

There are many more great family activities to do in Canberra, and hopefully we’ll get back there soon to update you and explore all the things we missed.

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