While I would love to say we were up in Queensland relaxing in the sunshine and readying ourselves for the eclipse this week, unfortunately we weren’t one of the lucky thousands of tourists, media and scientists who were there in person to see the eclipse spectacular.

Never fear, if you, like us, weren’t able to be there, we’re sharing the amazing footage supplied by Tourism Queensland so you enjoy the spectacular sight right in the comfort of your home, which is always better than not experiencing something this amazing at all!

It’s estimated that 60,000 eclipse chasers, including scientists, astrologists and the general public swarmed into various venues across Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef to witness the solar eclipse first hand, with this being the first full eclipse of this kind experienced by the region in around 1300 years!

Were you lucky enough to be in attendance? We’d love to hear about it! For those like us who missed out, immerse yourself in the footage below 🙂

Video streaming by UstreamImages & video courtesy of Tourism Queensland