My family are from a rural area, born and bred.

Me, I was born in the city, and I remember vividly when mum and dad told me we were moving to “the country”. I was 8 and I thought everyone would be watching black and white television and wearing colonial style clothing. (Nope I’m not joking, the thoughts of a child huh!) We still live in regional Australia, and my kids are more worldly and travelled than I was, but it’s still very important to me that they understand and appreciate rural Australia and the farmers that put food on our plates.

So, to help achieve that, as I’d already mentioned, we were excited to be participating in Farm Day. We headed off last weekend to Booroomooka Angus Stud, and I have some wonderful stories to share. But first up, here’s some photos of our amazing day.

Farm Day Families

Farm day 2012 Horse ridingTractor Riding Australia Farm Day
Booroomooka Angus Stud "Keera"
Kids at Farm Day 2012 Australia





































































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