Today is officially “put up the Christmas tree day”, one of the most exciting days of the year for the kiddies.

It’s been weighing on our minds this year about what to get the kids for Christmas. Seeing as we’ll be living in a caravan next year, there’s only a limited amount of “stuff” that can logically fit on our Christmas lists.

We think we have it all figured out though, and today, it was time for the kids to pull out the box of decorations and the tree, and get to work making the house Christmas-y!

It’s strange to think that next year we won’t have a house, or a tree this size, and it’s all a bit of unknown just where we’ll be next year for Christmas. It’s the kind of unknown that’s exciting, but also the kind of unknown that makes me stop and appreciate this special Christmas, this time together before we head off on our big adventure.

So to get you all in the Christmas spirit, here’s the unveiling of the tree 🙂