As I write this, it’s 7 days until we fly out to start our Kangaroo Island holiday for our Nat Geo Nissan Xtrail Documentary Adventure heading along the Great Ocean Road before arriving in Kangaroo Island for 3 days of amazing exploration.

Image (c) Tourism South Australia

There are many iconic places and road trips right around Australia, but for us, Kangaroo Island and the Great Ocean Road have been at the top of our list for at least the past few years. So while we can’t tell you all the amazing details from personal experience just yet, we’ve been doing so much research, I thought we’d give you an insight into Kangaroo Island, what’s so special about it, and what we are looking forward to discovering there.

 Why Kangaroo Island is Worth Visiting.

Unlike most areas of mainland Australia, the wildlife and wilderness of Kangaroo Island remain relatively pristine. Offering a unique safe haven for species not found elsewhere in the country, this magnificent island has been described as “The Galapagos of Australia”.

Unlike other regions and largely due to isolation from the mainland, Kangaroo Island retains over half of it’s old growth forests, and is free from pests such as foxes and rabbits. These factors alone are unique.

Things to Do on Kangaroo Island

Enjoy Nature

As a family we are TOTAL wildlife lovers. We’d happily spend days just wandering around, exploring nature, spotting wildlife and there I would be as usual getting a workout carrying all my camera gear trying to capture everything I can so we can relive the experience.

With such a pristine environment it goes without saying that there’s lots of wildlife to be viewed on the island. You can choose from a range of tours and tour companies and if you’re lucky enough you’ll have the chance to see things such as:

  • Australian Sea Lions
  • New Zealand Fur Seals
  • Little Penguins
  • Kangaroo Island Kangaroos
  • Tammar Wallabies
  • Heath Goannas
  • Echidnas
  • Koalas
  • Dolphins
Get up close to Animals:

There are specific Wildlife Parks and Shows that allow you to get up close and personal with some of the islands animals, these include:

  • Parndana Wildlife Park
  • Island Pure Sheep Dairy
  • Cliffords Honey Farm
  • Seal Bay Guided Tour
  • Raptor Domain Show
  • Paul’s Place Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rare Breeds Farm
  • Penguin Pageant
  • Noctournal Tours
Get Adventurous

If you’re looking to spark a little adventure into your Kangaroo Island Holiday, then you can’t go past Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action. This is one company we’ve researched and contacted already and we’ll be leaving the adventure in our holiday up to these experts. They offer

  • Quad Bike Tours – allowing you to get to areas you otherwise wouldn’t see
  • Sandboarding – Head off to “Little Sahara” to try your sandboarding skills
  • Kayaking – See the amazement of Kangaroo Island from the water – we’re really excited that they accommodate children so we’ll all get to take part together

Other opportunities for adventure include Bike Riding, 4wd Tours & Marine Tours that offer the chance to swim with dolphins and deep sea fishing adventures too!

Savour the Taste!

I keep hearing about how amazing the food and wine is on Kangaroo Island, As as a food lover I truly can’t wait to experience the cuisine on offer! Kangaroo Island is abundant with fertile farmlands and stunning seafood, my mouth is watering just writing this! I’ll be sure to drive you all crazy with full details that will make your belly’s rumble!

I can’t wait to fill the pages our site with stunning photography and stories about this amazing place, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to visiting anywhere quite so much. Perhaps except Uluru & Kakadu, and I have a feeling this amazing experience we’re about to undertake will math those experience, if not blow them out of the water!