I’m just dropping in with a quick little snippet of fun today 🙂

Ok, so something you may or may not know about me (Loreena) is that I’m a little bit geeky.

Geeky in the sense that my friends ask me to do Google searches for them, or computer related questions, and I help people with websites for a living. But being a bit Geeky can be fun sometimes right?

It definitely is when Google release their little quirks and I happen to pick up on them….. For this gift, Google has come up with a unique and wintery bit of fun!

You just need to type the words: Let It Snow into Google search and watch what happens!

As I look out the window right now, it’s actually a rainy drizzly day, it seems that someone forgot to remind Mother Nature this year that Australia is generally warm and sunny in December and that Christmas is all about BBQ’s outside, swimming at the beach or playing cricket!

So anyway, to kill a little boredom today (as if anyone has time to be bored this close to Christmas) head to Google Search and type in let it snow, I guarantee it’s fun!