Well, this is it!

As I write this, Matt’s driving and we’re on our way to the Problogger Training Event in Melbourne.

We have been so lucky to be chosen as major winners by Lenovo which means not only do we get to blog about the event using the amazing K1 Tablet, but we have also won the super exciting X1 Carbon laptop!

Lenovo as a company are all about being a Doer, and I like to think we are definitely doers! To tell you the truth I can’t wait to drag all our Lenovo gear (we already have 2 other Lenovo laptops too, so you could say we love and trust the brand so much already!) around Australia and test it out across this awesome rugged country!

But for now, we’re on our way, driving to Newcastle, flying down to Melbourne and leaving our 3 munchkins at home with their Poppy who is armed with enough DVD’s and snack food to keep them occupied for the next couple of days!

While it feels pretty hard to leave the kids behind because we generally travel everywhere with them, it’s VERY exciting to know we are about to meet some amazing like minded people and be able to repay Lenovo for their kindness by being official bloggers for the event too!