When you  have a family it can be difficult enough planning a trip down the street, or a camping trip for the weekend, let alone a trip that will see you travel thousands of km’s and live out of a car and some accommodation you are towing behind you.

Our longest travel stretch on the road to date has been 3 weeks. They were definitely not 3 weeks of luxury. If you can imagine a 4 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old, with their 2 parents in a hired Toyota Camry and dome tent spending 3 weeks travelling through Central Australia then you’ll be imagining us. The best part of this 3 week trip is that it has inspired us to take a much, much longer trip and hit the Australian roads for an open ended travelling holiday.

So what do you need to think about when planning a trip around Australia? This is what this section of our website/blog will be covering.

We’ll be taking a look at everything from basic camping as a family, to weekend, or week long trips with kids, working our way right up to planning an entire life on the road.

We have lots and lots of experience at long distance travel across the country with our kids, so we’ll be bringing all of our experience on board as well as sharing all our research right here for other families who are planning to, or who are interested about how to make a travelling life a reality for any amount of time.

Some ideas we have for topics to cover in this section are:

What are the bare minimum requirements

What is the basic camping gear that works best for families

What vehicle considerations need to be made

What activities are good for kids

What clothing to take and how best to pack it

What about finances?

What about family pets?

What permits/passes or authorisations do you  need while travelling?

Where to stay with kids

What to eat – easy camp and travel foods for families

As well as anything else we can think of or discover.

So I look forward to sharing our years of knowledge on camping with kids (our eldest was camping at just a few weeks old, he’s now almost 9) and taking you on a journey while we plan to turn our life into one big, long camping, working holiday.