When it comes to the best camping gear for families, we know how to put it to the test.

Torches are  no exception to this rule. As a family of 5 you can be sure that at least 3 of us will end up needing a torch at exactly the same moment.

While in the past, such a situation may have caused all sorts of chaos and tantrums to take place, as we scrambled in the darkness to locate enough torches for everyone (if we’d even remembered to pack enough torches) during a visit to our local camping store, we were really excited to find a product that we figured would save all our problems!

The Coleman Quad LED Torch – Great For Families

This lantern offers a unique design that gives great flexibility to families, or groups that are camping, or, for that matter, even just to have around the house.

The torch can operate as a full lantern, or 4 smaller style lanterns can be removed individually from the centre section, allowing up to 4 people to use the torches individually.

The smaller torches operate by charging from the main unit, which runs on 4 x D size batteries. Surpisingly the batteries last quite some time which is great news if you’ll be away from shops for a while, but to be sure, take spares also.

Do We Recommend This Product?

We sure do! It offers great flexibility for a family, or anyone who might need separate torches. We’ve used ours during power outages, every camp trip and on long drives it’s always in the back of the car in case of emergencies.