Last night, I decided to sit up into the wee hours of the morning to edit some video footage of our Kangaroo Island Holiday. It was super special footage of us swimming with dolphins on Kangaroo Island and you just HAVE to see it.

The dolphins in this photo are swimming just under Matt’s legs, and the chatter that is echoing through the water is just amazing to listen to as they talk to each other.

The problem of course is that the program crashed on me and I hadn’t saved at any point during the process, so I’ve now got to start from scratch and re-edit the entire video (you’d think I’d learn!).

But, I’m so in love with this part of our holiday that I couldn’t wait to share it with you because revisiting the footage has me yearning to go back to KI (everyone should go in their lifetime) so I’ve taken some snapshots from within the video to share with you now, and I’ll be back with the video tomorrow 🙂

swimming with dolphins with gopro Kangaroo islandswimming with dolphins kangaroo island