Hi and Welcome to Little Aussie Travellers.

For starters, I’m here writing this post expecting that it may never be read by anyone else other than myself, but I truly hope to build this site into something that not only tracks our past Australian Travels, but also tracks our planning for “THE BIG TRIP” in the future.  Only time will tell, but for now, here’s a little bit about us.

OUR PAST: In 2008 we had the amazing experience of travelling from Darwin to Adelaide with our 3 children. Little did I know that, that trip would spark a fire in my belly for Aussie travel that I’ve been unable to extinguish. Our children were aged 5, 3 & 18 months, we flew to Darwin, spent 3 weeks in a hire car – a Toyota Camry, and explored as much as we could cramp in, camping out in a dome tent right through Kakadu and Central Australia.

Now, some may call us crazy! I admit, a dome tent with 3 young children and only as many supplies as we could fit in our aircraft luggage does sound like a super wild adventure, but hey, we’re crazy people! We got to see sights on that trip that some will never see in a lifetime. Kakadu, Uluru, The Devil’s Marble’s, Katherine Gorge, Litchfield National Park, Coober Pedy, one of our favourite quirky stops was Larrimah Pub, and not to mention Daly Waters, oh yes and Wycliffe Well.

WHERE WE ARE NOW: We really thought our 3 week trip camping through Central Australia was the trip of a lifetime, but, as time has shown us, that small taste is just never going to be enough for us, and so, we’re now at the start of the end of this chapter of our lives. We’re realists, we own 3 businesses between us, have 3 children and need to be set up properly for long term travel, so we’re giving ourselves a year, maybe 2 to get things in order, and then we’ll start to make difinitive plans for our open ended trip. A life on the road, for who knows how long, sharing experiences that so few families get to share and soaking up all the wonder that this country has to offer.

WHERE WE’RE GOING: We’re going away… Living on the road, travelling Australia, but there’s so much to research, so much to learn and so much to prepare. So  here on Little Aussie Travellers I’m planning to build the ultimate resource for families, just like us who want to travel with children around Australia, whether for a few months, or a few years. I’ll be sharing all of our research, all of our experience from our past trips, talking about the good, the bad and the ugly as well as the absolute confusion that comes with plans as huge as the ones we have.

WHO WE ARE: Matt & Ree, now in our early 30’s, married for almost 9 years and our 3 children – Our Big Man born in 2003,  Our Little Cowgirl born in 2005 &  Our Little Man born in 2007 so right now as we plan to start planning they are 8, 6 & 4

I’ll look forward to the journey, and you never know, I may even be lucky enough to have a few people tune into our site and share too.