As you may or may not know we’ve been given the amazing opportunity to try our hand at shooting a documentary for Nat Geo TV as Nissan X-trail Adventurers. On top of getting the chance to experience this, we also get to decide our destination, Where would we like to take our next family adventure?

For us, this decision was actually made over 3 years ago.

When we travelled the Stuart Highway in 2008 from Darwin to Adelaide, we really had no idea what we’d discover. I mean, we’d seen images of Uluru on TV, we knew we’d take a detour into Kakadu, and we had to visit Coober Pedy for sure, I mean people seriously live underground there! Little did we know that the true  spirit of Australia would capture our souls. We not only experienced things beyond our wildest dreams, but we discovered there were so many more hidden treasures out there we just knew we had to hit the road again to explore.

It’s taken3 years for the opportunity to discover a new region of Australia to appear. We’ve done plenty of short trips and camping trips, but nothing that isn’t easily accessible from home.

So, given this amazing chance to not only show other Aussie families the fun and adventure you can experience together on a road trip, but also choose our destination, we knew before we entered just where we’d go….

Adelaide Coastline pictures

Adelaide Coast Line


Kangaroo Island was the place on the top of our list, followed Closely by returning to Melbourne (we fell in love with Melbourne the first time we visited) and driving the Great Ocean Road…. How blessed are we that we get to do BOTH those things while capturing the adventure for other families to watch on Nat Geo TV!

Our obsession with Kangaroo Island was almost instant from the moment we read about it. I remember arriving in Adelaide and reading the local paper (we always like to read local papers on our travels to get a feel for a place) and in that paper was an advertisement for a Wildlife Park for sale on Kangaroo Island. We read all we could about Kangaroo Island, and discovered that Australia had our very own “Aussie Galapagos” Island, full of amazing animals, untouched and gorgeous nature. We’re Wildlife lovers, so we dreamt about what it would be like to own a Wildlife park in such an amazing place. We knew that one day we’d return to explore this amazing paradise ourselves.

As for the Great Ocean Road, well that’s just a MUST DO for any Australian. It’s such a long way from our home base, we just weren’t sure when we would ever get the opportunity to do this stretch. Well, now we know I guess! At the end of February, flying into Melbourne and hitting the road in our Nat Geo Nissan X-trail to capture the amazing, amazing places and spaces all along the Great Ocean Road and beyond!

So there you have it, at the end of February, just a couple of weeks away, we’ll be flying into Melbourne, taking a road trip down the Great Ocean Road right through to Kangaroo Island, to show you all how amazing this part of the country is.

Do you have a dream destination? Do you have anything you’d like us to stop and see on the way? Let us know!