We’re so excited to announce our soon-to-be launched e-book: Australian Damper Recipes, which we’ll be launching first on Amazon Kindle Store, followed by a range of versions available right here on site. To help get you in the mood for amazing damper, we’re sharing with you one of our easiest and favourite damper recipes straight from our book:

If you’re not quite sure how to cook damper, we’ll share our tips with you in our e-book, and you can also check out our damper recipe post from a while ago too.

So, here’s a really, really easy recipe, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to make beer damper, then we’ve got just the recipe you need, our Easy Aussie Beer Damper Recipe:

Aussie Beer Damper recipe

Damper is a really great staple food for families out camping or, even better, believe us when we say that damper is great to eat at home too. It is so easy to cook, and the kids will love helping, so it’s a great family camping recipe.

The best thing about these recipes, is that you can form the damper into a large loaf, or you can divide it into smaller portions and share them out individually. Just reduce the cooking time for smaller dampers. You’ll know your damper is cooked at any size if it’s a lovely golden colour and sounds hollow when tapped.


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