It can be difficult trying to occupy children for a long time on car rides, believe me in our journeys travelling Australia we’ve learned the hard way! So that’s why we’re bringing you:

Boredom Busters Bingo – By Little Aussie Travellers

We got together with the kids to create 9 different bingo cards that can be printed ready to take along on your next long drive, you’ll see an example picture below along with a download link to download a .pdf file of the full set of 9 bingo cards.

These bingo cards do have a little bit of an Aussie theme, but if you’re visiting our website from another country, you’ll just need to glue a picture of your own country’s flag over the top of the Australian Flag before starting out on your journey.

Our tips are:

Download the Free Kids Activities Printable by clicking on the picture below.

Print them out, and either use a pencil or crayon to mark off your squares as you find your items, or for more long lasting cards, laminate each one individually and use small stickers or white board markers to check off each square.

We hope you like our bingo cards, feel free to spread the word, and we’d love any feedback you have or pictures of you using them 🙂