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The History of Australian Damper

Cooking damper is something we do every night when we’re able to have a camp fire, and we get really surprised by how many people don’t know how to cook damper, or are worried about getting it wrong. We’ve written about cooking damper here, and you can buy our damper …

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10 Tips for Camping in National Parks Around Australia

We’re really blessed with so much variety available for Australian holidays with options available for beach side fun to dry deserts, but one of my favourite things to do when travelling is to visit our National Parks. Obviously because we are travelling Australia with our dog, our time camping in …

Safety Travelling with Kids
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Educating Kids on Personal Safety When Travelling

It’s important for every parent to talk to their children about how to keep themselves safe. Should the worst case happens and you’re child becomes separated from you, then it’s vital that they know what to do, and how to keep as safe as possible until they can reunite with …

Aussie Beer Damper recipe

Easy Aussie Beer Damper Recipe

We’re so excited to announce our soon-to-be launched e-book: Australian Damper Recipes, which we’ll be launching first on Amazon Kindle Store, followed by a range of versions available right here on site. To help get you in the mood for amazing damper, we’re sharing with you one of our easiest …

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Travelling Australia with a Dog.

When we first made the decision to sell everything and do the big lap of Australia, we had so many things to consider, pets being one of the most obvious. We wondered about travelling Australia with a dog and if it would be possible to take our mate with us. …


Should You Start a Travel Blog?

We get lots of questions from people about whether or not they should start a family travel blog, or perhaps even just start a road trip blog of a particular trip, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should and shouldn’t start a travel blog and …

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Car Tips for Long Term Travel

Most people planning to travel long term worry about whether a camper trailer or caravan is best for travelling Australia? Some people will choose a motorhome, but if you’re going to be towing your home behind you, possibly the biggest consideration should be given to the type of car you’ll …

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Shower Set Ups For Free Camping & Travelling With Kids

One of the big considerations when you decide to travel, especially if you aim to free camp, is having showers and staying clean. Gone will be the days of unlimited streaming hot water, and long hot baths, but it’s really just a case of being practical, thrifty and sensible and …

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You Are So Lucky – An Insight Into Travelling Long Term.

It was just a regular phone call to our insurance company. “Hi, I’d like to update my payment details for our insurance please.” A “no worries” and tap, tap of the keyboard, followed by more questions and a few more minutes of tapping, and our records were updated. “I notice …

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March Reflections of our Australian Travels

March saw us deep within the beauty that is Tasmania. Wrapped in her glorious green forest, and calmed by her turquoise blue waters. The worst thing about acknowledging another month has passed is facing the reality that we are closer to leaving this stunning, soul inspiring island. There’s a backlog …